Q: Does HydroTherm still offer Celtic boiler repair parts?

A: No, as of April 22, 2002, HydroTherm no longer offers Celtic wall hung boiler repair parts. is now the exclusive source for Celtic boiler repair parts in the United States.

Q: Will Celtic repair parts always be available in the future?

A: Yes, is the French manufacturer's exclusive parts distributor in the United States and will always have access to available Celtic repair parts.

Q: Is the Celtic boiler still available as a complete boiler?

A: No, HydroTherm stopped importing the boiler in 1988. The Celtic is still offered by it's French manufacturer in a similar configuration for the European market.

Q: Who can I ask when I have a service question on a Celtic boiler?

A: Call ! We can assist you in all service aspects of the Celtic wall hung boiler. We will discuss repair procedures with professional heating equipment service technicians only!

Q: Are all parts still available for the Celtic?

A: No, but most are. There are a few parts which the French manufacturer no longer make available, however, can assist you in field fabricating materials which will keep your Celtic running for years to come.

Q: Are Celtic wall hung boilers safe and reliable?

A: Yes! Like all boilers, the Celtic requires annual maintenance to insure proper and safe operation. The Celtic, even by today's standards, remains an efficient and safe heat source.

Q: Can I receive my Celtic parts C.O.D. from ?

A: No. only accepts major credit cards as payment.

Q: Can I purchase Celtic repair parts in large quantities?

A: Yes. Call for shipping & handling charges for orders over $700.00 and availability of large quantities of parts.

Q: How quickly can I get the part I need?

A: If the part is in stock, most shipments are made within 48 hours of the receipt of the order. All shipments are made Priority U.S. Mail and are usually received within three days of the shipping date.